Why Does Adding Music to Instagram Story Make It Blurry

Why Does Adding Music to Instagram Story Make It Blurry

Instagram Stories have become a popular way for users to share their daily moments with their followers. One of the features that make these stories interesting is the ability to add music to them. However, many users have noticed that adding music to their Instagram stories can sometimes make them appear blurry. So why does this happen?

The main reason behind the blurriness of Instagram stories with added music is copyright protection. Instagram has implemented strict copyright policies to prevent users from uploading copyrighted content without permission. When you add music to your story, Instagram scans it to determine if it violates any copyright laws. During this process, the app compresses the audio file, which can result in a loss of quality and ultimately make your story appear blurry.

Additionally, Instagram uses a different compression algorithm for video and audio files. When you add music to your story, the app has to compress both the video and audio separately, which can sometimes lead to a loss of quality in the final product.

Another reason for the blurriness could be the size of the audio file. If the music file you are trying to add is too large, Instagram will automatically compress it to reduce its size. This compression can also affect the quality of your story.

Now let’s address some frequently asked questions about this issue:

1. Can I prevent my Instagram story from becoming blurry when I add music?
Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the blurriness caused by adding music to your Instagram story.

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2. Can I add music to my story without it becoming blurry?
You can try using third-party apps to add music to your story and then upload it on Instagram. However, it might still undergo compression during the upload process.

3. Does Instagram notify me if my story becomes blurry due to copyright issues?
Instagram does not specifically notify users if their story becomes blurry due to copyright issues. It simply compresses the file without any warning.

4. Can I avoid copyright issues when adding music to my story?
To avoid copyright issues, it is best to use royalty-free music or obtain the necessary permissions to use copyrighted music.

5. How can I improve the quality of my Instagram story with added music?
Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to improve the quality of your Instagram story once it becomes blurry due to adding music.

6. Does this issue occur on all devices?
Yes, the blurriness issue can occur on all devices regardless of the operating system.

7. Can Instagram fix this issue in the future?
Instagram might work on improving the compression algorithms in the future, but it is uncertain if this specific issue will be addressed.

8. Can I edit my story after adding music to it?
Yes, you can still edit your story after adding music, but it might not resolve the blurriness issue.

9. Will the blurriness affect the visibility of my story to my followers?
The blurriness might affect the overall quality of your story but should not impact its visibility to your followers.

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10. Can I remove the added music to fix the blurriness?
Removing the added music will not fix the blurriness issue.

11. Can I use Instagram’s music feature without causing blurriness?
The blurriness issue can occur regardless of whether you use Instagram’s music feature or add music through other methods.

12. Is there a way to share high-quality music on Instagram stories?
Currently, there is no way to share high-quality music on Instagram stories without it undergoing compression.

In conclusion, the blurriness that occurs when adding music to Instagram stories is a result of copyright protection and the compression algorithms used by the app. While there is no way to prevent or fix this issue, users can explore alternative methods or use royalty-free music to enhance the quality of their stories.