How to Hide What Filter You Used on Snapchat

How to Hide What Filter You Used on Snapchat

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, known for its fun filters that can transform your photos and videos into quirky and entertaining creations. However, sometimes we may want to keep the filter we used a secret, especially if we’re trying to play a prank or surprise someone. In this article, we will explore how to hide what filter you used on Snapchat.

1. Apply the filter before taking the photo: To ensure the filter doesn’t appear in the final photo, select and apply the desired filter before capturing the picture. This way, the filter won’t be visible in your saved snaps.

2. Disable the location services: By turning off location services for Snapchat, you can prevent the geofilters from appearing on your snaps. Head to your device settings, locate the Snapchat app, and disable location services.

3. Use third-party photo editing apps: After taking a snap with a filter, save it to your device’s camera roll. Then, use a third-party photo editing app to remove or change the filter’s appearance before sharing it.

4. Crop or zoom in: Another trick is to crop the photo or zoom in on the subject. By doing so, you can remove or hide the filter from the visible area of the snap.

5. Utilize the drawing tool: Snapchat offers various drawing tools to customize your snaps. You can use them to draw over the filter, obscuring it from view.

6. Record without filters: If you prefer to use video, start recording before applying the filter. This way, the filter won’t appear in the recorded video, and you can save and share it without revealing the filter used.

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7. Adjust the timer: Set a shorter timer so that the snap disappears quickly after being viewed. This way, even if someone tries to analyze the snap, they won’t have enough time to identify the filter used.

8. Use the flip camera feature: If you’re using a filter on the front camera, flip it to the rear camera before capturing the snap. This will prevent the filter from being visible in the photo.

9. Save snaps as memories instead of sending them: By saving snaps as memories, you can review and edit them later, allowing you to remove or change the filter before sharing.

10. Disable filters altogether: If you want to hide all filters, you can disable them in the Snapchat settings. This will prevent any filters from appearing on your snaps.

Now, let’s address some commonly asked questions about hiding filters on Snapchat:


1. Can I hide filters on Snapchat for specific friends?
No, filters cannot be hidden selectively for specific friends.

2. Will hiding filters affect my overall Snapchat experience?
No, hiding filters will only impact the appearance of your snaps.

3. Can I hide filters in videos as well?
Yes, the above methods can be used to hide filters in both photos and videos.

4. Are there any privacy concerns with hiding filters?
No, hiding filters is simply a way to keep the filter used a secret; it doesn’t pose any privacy risks.

5. Can I hide filters on Snapchat for a limited time?
No, once a snap is sent or added to a story, the filter used cannot be hidden.

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6. Will the filter still appear in the preview?
Yes, the filter will be visible in the preview before capturing the snap, but it won’t be saved in the final photo or video.

7. Can I hide filters on Snapchat for group snaps?
Yes, the methods mentioned above can be applied to both individual and group snaps.

8. Can I hide filters on Snapchat for both iOS and Android devices?
Yes, the methods mentioned are applicable to both iOS and Android devices.

9. Are there any apps specifically designed to hide Snapchat filters?
No, there are no dedicated apps for this purpose, but third-party editing apps can be used.

10. Can I hide filters on Snapchat without saving the snap?
No, if you want to remove or change the filter, you need to save the snap first.

11. Can I hide filters on Snapchat for memories?
Yes, you can edit saved snaps in your memories to remove or change the filter.

12. Can I hide filters on Snapchat without using any third-party apps?
Yes, all the methods mentioned above can be done within the Snapchat app itself without the need for additional apps.

In conclusion, hiding the filter you used on Snapchat is possible by applying the filter before capturing the photo, disabling location services, using third-party editing apps, cropping or zooming in, utilizing the drawing tools, recording without filters, adjusting the timer, flipping the camera, saving as memories, or disabling filters altogether. These methods allow you to keep your filter choices a secret and add an element of surprise to your snaps.

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