How to Block Angry Faces on Facebook Live

How to Block Angry Faces on Facebook Live

Facebook Live has become a popular platform for users to share their experiences, opinions, and daily activities in real-time with their friends and followers. While this feature allows for interactive engagement, it also opens the door to negative feedback in the form of angry faces. If you’re a Facebook Live broadcaster looking to control the type of reactions you receive, here’s how you can block angry faces on Facebook Live.

1. Understand Facebook Reactions: Facebook Live allows viewers to react to your video by using various emojis, including the angry face. These reactions are instant and visible to both the broadcaster and other viewers.

2. Adjust Privacy Settings: To limit the visibility of your Facebook Live broadcast, you can adjust your privacy settings to only allow specific friends or groups to view your video. This reduces the likelihood of receiving negative reactions.

3. Disable Reactions: Another option is to disable reactions altogether. By using a third-party tool or software, you can prevent viewers from reacting to your Facebook Live video. However, keep in mind that this may also limit positive engagement.

4. Moderate Comments: Facebook Live provides an option to moderate comments, allowing you to review and approve them before they appear publicly. This helps you filter out negative comments and reactions, including angry faces.

5. Engage with Viewers: By actively engaging with your viewers during the live broadcast, you can steer the conversation in a positive direction and minimize negative reactions. Encourage viewers to ask questions or share their thoughts, creating a more interactive and engaging atmosphere.

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6. Focus on Positive Content: Sharing positive and informative content can help attract a more supportive and engaged audience. By providing value and entertainment, you can reduce the likelihood of receiving angry faces.

7. Ignore Negative Reactions: Sometimes, the best approach is to simply ignore negative reactions. By not acknowledging them, you avoid giving them attention and prevent them from derailing the conversation.

8. Disable the Emoji Selector: Facebook Live allows viewers to choose their reaction from a set of emojis. By disabling the emoji selector, you limit the options viewers have to express negative emotions.

9. Moderate During Broadcast: If you notice an influx of angry faces during your live broadcast, you can temporarily disable commenting or reactions until the situation is under control.

10. Report Abusive Users: If you encounter users consistently reacting with angry faces or leaving negative comments, you can report them to Facebook for violating community guidelines. This helps maintain a positive environment for both you and your viewers.

11. Monitor Feedback: After each Facebook Live session, take the time to review the feedback you received. This will help you identify patterns and adjust your content or approach to minimize negative reactions in the future.

12. Educate Your Audience: In some cases, your viewers may not be aware of the impact their angry faces have on your broadcast. Educate them on the impact of their reactions and encourage them to use more positive emojis.


1. Can I block specific reactions like angry faces while allowing others?
Yes, you can disable specific reactions using third-party tools or software.

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2. Will blocking angry faces affect my engagement?
Disabling angry faces may limit negative feedback, but it may also limit positive engagement.

3. Can I block reactions during a live broadcast?
Yes, you can temporarily disable reactions during a live broadcast if needed.

4. Should I respond to negative reactions?
It’s best to ignore negative reactions and focus on positive engagement.

5. Can I report viewers who consistently use angry faces?
Yes, you can report abusive users to Facebook.

6. Will blocking angry faces affect my reach?
Blocking angry faces will not directly impact your reach on Facebook.

7. Can I automatically filter out angry faces?
Currently, there is no automated option to filter out specific reactions.

8. Can I limit who can react to my Facebook Live video?
Yes, you can adjust your privacy settings to limit the visibility of your video.

9. Can I moderate comments and reactions on mobile devices?
Yes, you can moderate comments and reactions on both desktop and mobile devices.

10. Can I disable reactions for previous Facebook Live videos?
No, you can only disable reactions for future live broadcasts.

11. Are there any alternatives to Facebook Live?
Yes, other platforms like Instagram Live and YouTube Live offer similar features.

12. Can I limit reactions to only positive ones?
Currently, there is no option to limit reactions to positive emojis only.